Feisty Aphrodite

Five Secrets To Fertility Wellness

February 19, 2019 Dr Teralyn Sell & Dr. Kate Wong, Pediatric Chiropractor
Feisty Aphrodite
Five Secrets To Fertility Wellness
Show Notes

Let's face it, how stressful is it when we have our family, the media, and even ourselves fear-mongering that 'Time is running out,' 'There's not many eggs left,' or the 'Oh, you're not pregnant, yet' followed by 'When will you get pregnant?' 

Worst of all, when it feels like you've tried everything and all you are left with is that glimpse of hope to have that complete family you always wanted, but every other moment just feels like the timeline isn't in your favor.

If you or someone you know has ever struggled with getting pregnant or having fertility issues this is an episode you won't want to miss.  Join Dr. Kate Wong as she discusses her top 5 secrets to fertility wellness.

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